Friday, January 29, 2010

A Getaway Giveaway!!

WOW!! Go here or here for the most amazing giveaway I have ever seen!! Seriously. Browse around and you'll find some really great work!

Have a SUPER GREAT weekend!! Mine has started by getting my butt kicked by Kelsie in Candy Land, making brownies with Jacob, and dancing all around the kitchen to 'FOREVER' with Kayla. Add a movie and some popcorn or a Chiawana Basketball game (we are still undecided) with Kevin and this weekend is off to a SPECTACULAR start!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So Random

I can't believe it is now the 13th Day of 2010 on this is my first post of the new year. What's up with that? I use to be a devout blogger and blog follower, I am not sure what as happened. I think I need to learn some time management or maybe I have been spending my time on more important things than blogging. Is that possible? Yeah, I think it is. Maybe not as fun but possible. I have numerous things to say, not to anyone in particular, just things I need to jot down for myself, to help me make sense of my thought.

  • I have been analyzing myself since the beginning of the new year, maybe a little too much actually. I have some things to work on. I need to be a better friend. I need to just randomly show up and say "Hey, how are ya?" I need to make those phone calls to keep connected and to start getting better connected with those people in my life that uplift me and that I want in my life. I need to serve more.
  • I feel like I have been such a Debbie Downer lately. I feed off of positive energy and I try to create my own, but there are times, lots of them lately, that no matter what I try there is negativity slapping me in the face. I don't like that at all. I like to smile and laugh and be happy. It takes too much energy to be mad or in a bad mood, but I feel like that cloud is just hanging over me. Hopefully there will be a change in the weather (or a new house built quickly) very soon.
  • I have been overwhelmed by the amazing women in my ward. They have no idea how much I NEED them. I love seeing each of them on Sundays. I recently was given the new calling of Compassionate Services Leader. I truly thought it was just setting up meals for families who just had new babies born. Boy was I wrong! There is so much more to it than that, and I am loving my new calling. It's keeping me busy, but the love and willingness to serve from the sisters in this ward is seriously overwhelming. If your phone rings and my name shows up on your caller ID and you live in my ward, I will probably be asking you to serve in some capacity, or maybe just to say hi!
  • I love my kids. They are simply heaven sent angels. When that cloud is raining on me, you can bet that those three can blow it away. With their sparkling eyes, amazing laughter and unconditional love, they let me know why everyday is a good day.
  • It's in the water. Babies everywhere. From dear little Eva to dashing little Jeremiah and so many more in between, what's a girl to do? I try to love on them and hold them and then give them back. Problem is sometimes I want to take them home with me. Everyone keeps asking me if you are "done" yet. To be honest, I don't know. One thing I do know is everyone tells me to go to the Temple for my answer. I know they are right, but I have a feeling that whatever the answer is I probably won't like it at first. I don't think that I am ready to take this question to the Temple yet.
  • One word: LAZY. I have been soo lazy so far this year. What is the deal! I despise getting up in the mornings. I am not really a morning person. I have been taking late showers thus starting my day later and later. I don't want to do those little things around the house that I know should get done but don't necessarily need to get done. It's really sad that I get winded just carrying the laundry basket from my bedroom to the laundry room. My body is not happy with me. I am out of shape and a few pounds overweight. I am not happy with me. I feel icky. I don't like running in the cold, winter months. I only run March through September. I can't afford to join a gym, or maybe it's an excuse, I don't know. I have some really great workout DVD's and Yoga DVD's that I really love, but again, I am lazy. To use them would mean to get up early all on my own and actually do them. I need to put on my running shoes and just run. I need to challenge myself again. I need CAMI to say she's gonna pick me up in the morning because that was the only reason I got out of bed at 5:30 in the morning. I want something to train for, something to look forward to. I want to feel like I am gonna puke and my legs to feel like jello from a good run. Did I really just say that? I guess I did. And you know, I think I really mean it.
  • I think I am going to start being really selective about where I volunteer my time. I feel that I have said yes one too many times and I am spreading myself way too thin. All the things I have going on right now are just about enough. I don't think I will be taking on any other roles for now. I will finish out what I have started and then not replace that hat with a new one.
  • I need to reconnect with my husband. Can I just say right now I have THE BEST husband ever. He knows me so well. We annoy Ashley when we finish each others thoughts and sentences. The girls love to giggle and point when they see us acting like Troy and Gabriella, their words not mine. But since we have had "roommates" for the past 4 1/2 months, things have changed, not in a bad way, just different. He's a trooper, not many men could deal with the in-laws for that long. Hopefully just a little while longer. I am thinking of taking him away for Valentines Day or maybe his birthday in March. Nothing fancy, just an over night trip, somewhere not too far away. Portland? Idaho somewhere? Spokane? Chelan? Even Tri-Cities? Any suggestions?

Just a little randomness.