Monday, August 10, 2009

NINE Years Ago Today

Nine Years Ago Today . . .

I stared into the eyes of an angel for the first time.

Understood, a little better, the point of my existence.

Felt complete, to that particular time.

My heart was in my arms.

I experienced feelings and emotions I never thought possible.

We became a family.

I became a mother for the first time.

The one I had been praying for had finally arrived.

I fell in love with my husband all over again in a completely new way when I saw him holding our son, and I saw the look in his eyes.

I thought life could not possibly get any better than that moment.

Jacob - 6 months old.

Jacob today.

Jacob is . . .
A great big brother
An amazing athlete
Very bright
Loves Math & Science
a Wii Pro-Bowler
LOVES the Seattle Mariners & baseball in general
very tender with his two sisters, most of the time
Collects cards like: Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Bakugan & Chaotic
Eats like a horse!
Doesn't like sweets too much
Dashing, according to his best-friend Carson
A great Cub Scout. He loves everything scouting.
A Purple belt in Tae-Kwon-Do
Cried the last day of school because he would miss his teacher and friends
Likes Rock-n-Roll music
wants to race demolition derby cars when he is 16
wants to have a project truck to work on with his dad
needs his momma when he doesn't feel good
My baby, still

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Big SCENT Event

I hope you all have been enjoying your summer! I have a lot of really HOT Scentsy information to pass along to you all. These deals are just as hot as the weather outside!!!

First off: AUGUST WARMER AND SCENT OF THE MONTH - The warmer is SURF'S UP. This new warmer's surfboard base contrasts beautifully with its chocolate brown lid decorated with wave-inspired designs. Varied, embossed surfboards in shades of yellow, orange, blue, brown, white and green appear to pop off the high gloss, sky blue background. You can get SURF'S UP for only $27.00 the entire month of August. The scent is TANGERINE TANGO. A sunny and "citrusy" fragrance combining refreshing, sparkling tangerine and green, fresh lemongrass. Pick up a TANGERINE TANGO bar this month for only $4.50.

Second: SUMMER CLEARANCE SALE!! August is the perfect time to stock up on all of your favorite Scentsy warmers and fragrances. To make room for our exciting, new FALL/WINTER 2009 products, everything in the SPRING/SUMMER 2009 catalog will be offered at a 10% discount for the month of August!!* All warmers - $27.00. All bars - $4.50. All wall plug-ins - $13.50. *The following products are excluded from the August 10% off sale: Perfect Scentsy, Scentsy Sampler, Double the Scentsy, Starter Kits, Scent of the month and/or Scent & Warmer of the Month combo kits, and August Scent of the month and warmer of the month product (Tangerine Tango and Surf's Up)

Third: Also, in order to make room for the new product coming in, Scentsy is discontinuing some fragrances. The following Spring/Summer fragrances will be discontinued on September 1, 2009, and are only available for order until 11:59 pm (PDST) on August 31, 2009. There are a lot of favorites on this list that are a little shocking, so if you favorite is on here, STOCK UP NOW BEFORE IT IS GONE!!

Blueberry Cheesecake, Cashmere, Eucalyptus, Exotic Vanilla, Falling Leaves, Fresh Cut Cantaloupe,Grapefruit Blossom, Grapefruit Pomegranate, Havana Cabana, Hearth & Home, Herb Garden, Irish Cream, Juicy Peach, Leather, Lemon Lavender, Lots of Lavender, Luxe Vanilla, Meadow Pear, Mediterranean Spa, Mulberry Bush, Mysterious, Nutmeg & Orange Zest, Pomegranate Orange, Red Delicious, Sandalwood & Cranberries, Sangria, Sheer Saffron, Silk, Spiced Orange Harvest, Spruceberry, Strawberry Sweetie, Sweet Indulgence, Sugar, Sweet Tea Magnolia, Tarocco Mint, Tea Blossom, Toasted Apple Butter, Tuscan Garden, Verbena Berry, Wasabi Ginger, Watermelon Patch.

Fourth: MYSTERY HOSTESS ON-LINE EVENT!! Beginning August 4, 2009 and running through August 18, 2009, I will be having a Mystery Hostess Event. This means that every person who places an order with me during the above dates will have their name put in a drawing for a chance to be chosen as the MYSTERY HOSTESS. The MYSTERY HOSTESS will receive all of the HALF-PRICE and FREE product that is earned during this on-line event!! The more orders that are placed, the more FREE and HALF-PRICED items the MYSTERY HOSTESS gets!! Pass it along, tell your friends!!! If you refer a friend to me who places an order you receive a FREE CAR CANDLE!! Contact me today and I will get your order in!!!

Fifth: NEW!! Fall/Winter 2009 Catalog is coming September 1, 2009!!! Be the first to host a Scent Event in your home or a Basket Party and you will receive the September Scent of the Month Bar for FREE!! The first three people to schedule a home event/or basket party with me will receive this yummy new fall scent in a bar for FREE!! There will be TONS of NEW warmer, plug-ins and fragrances in the NEW catalog. Let me help you share them with your friends and family and earn FREE product while doing it! Start thinking about Christmas gifts, birthdays, anniversaries or a warmer for that college dorm room!! Scentsy makes the perfect gift for any occasion!! Contact me today to schedule your Scent Event or Basket Party!!!

Did you get all that? Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I am also available for "smelling sessions" in my home. Want to buy some scents but can't remember which ones you like? Give me a call and we can set up a time for you to come over and smell all of our wonderful scents!!

Have a SCENT-sational week!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

On the Coupon Wagon

Today ws a great coupon day for me. I have only been couponing for about a month now and let me tell you, I AM HOOKED. I can't believe that amount of money I am saving (and the amount of money that I used to waste) just by taking some time to sit and clip coupons and be a smart shopper. I just had to post a picture of my buys. Now I know that there are a few of you out there that did the same thing and did WAY better than I did. I still have a few tricks to learn from you all I think, but I still wanted to share. Those of you who were a bit more successful than I was will have to tell me how you did it.

This is what I got: 3 boxes hamburger helper, 3 boxes tuna helper, 6 Ragu sauces, 3 Bertolli alfredo sauces, 5 boxes pop tarts, 2 Progresso Light soups, 5 Knorr rice sides, 6 boxes of cereal, 4 boxes Bisquick mix, 4 boxes Betty Crocker brownie mix, 2 packages Klondike ice cream bars, 2 Pringles cans, 2 Wish Bone dressings, 3 boxes Fiber One bars, 2 boxes Quaker instant oatmeal, 2 Chex Mix snacks, & 2 jars Best Foods Light mayo. All of these items together would cost $190.29 at Albertson's. I paid $44.88!!

Not too bad, I think. Like I said I know others were able to get better buys, but I was really happy with what I did get. My pantry is full and so will our bellies be!!