Thursday, May 29, 2008


Jacob's Tae-Kwon-Do School is having an open house/demonstration day so I thought I would pass along the info since some of you have expressed interest. We will not be able to attend but it sounds like it will be really fun.

Introductory Class, Enrollment & Refreshments
May 31st 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm
Youth and Adult Guests

Guests Receive:

Free Martial Arts Demonstration
Free Introductory Class
Enrollment Discount the Day of the Event Only
Free Gift to the First 8 People to Enroll
Snacks & Beverages

Guests are encouraged but not required to participate in the class.
Guest participants should wear loose comfortable clothing and smiles.
Upon conclusion of the event guests will be offered enrollment discounts on the day of the event only.

8520 West Gage Blvd. (Behind Sonic)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Okay, I admit it!!

We have come full circle. Screaming girls, catchy tunes, hysteria, posters, over sized buttons, TAPES, bed sheets, the list goes on and on. My bedroom was covered from wall to wall and my entire bedding ensemble as well. Various t-shirts and every tape ever made was mine. "What in the world are you talking about Amy?" Yes, I am talking about the one and only, original heartthrobs, my first real crush on a celebrity, NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK!!!! YES, I did just go there!! I know, some of you are thinking I am nuts for posting this and admitting to my teenage obsession. Some of you may even cease association with me and ban your children from playing with mine, but I have to admit that I am so excited about their reunion tour and the new album.

I DVR'd their performance on the Today Show this morning and I totally forgot about it. Then at about lunch time I remembered that I had done so, so I curiously pushed play and watched it. I was not disappointed! I was like a 15 year old girl all alone in my living room this afternoon singing all of the songs and remembering the dance steps. It was so much fun!! I don't think I am alone in this am I? There were thousands of women, yes I said women, not girls, at the Today show who had made the trek to see their first performance in 15 years. One woman had a sign that read "30 year old mothers in CA love the new kids on the block". It was so funny to see all of them going crazy!!

So, my cousins and I have made a pact that we are going to go and see them perform when they come to Seattle in November. We were able to see them in concert 3 times when we were teenagers and we thought it would be a fun trip for us all to take together again. They have a new song out that I think will become pretty popular with the real teenagers today.

Anyway, I got teased so bad in school by some of those HATERS out there who weren't fans. I didn't care then and I don't care now! So, all you NKOTB fans and non-fans alike, I would LOVE to hear your thoughts and opinions!! I still think they have THE RIGHT STUFF (sorry, I had to do that!)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My "Crappy" Mother's Day

I hope you all had a SUPER Great Mother's Day weekend, and by reading some of your blogs it sounds like you did. We went to Warden/Moses Lake for the weekend. Every time we go to Warden for any occasion, we usually come home with a story to tell. This time was no different.

Since we were leaving for the weekend my wonderful little family showered me with gifts on Friday night.

These are the gifts Jacob and Kayla made me at school. Jacob painted a ceramic watering pot with Tootsie pop suckers inside to look like flowers. Very cute. Kayla give me a dish towel with her hand print and name and year on it along with a sweet little poem.

The Grand Daddy of them all came when Kevin gave me his gift.

Ta Da!! I know many of you already have a stand mixer of some sort, but this is my first one and I was so excited!! I have been wanting one for a very long time. It's so pretty and it works really well, too. Now I can finally make full batches of cinnamon rolls and breads and cookies instead of having to cut all of the recipes in half. I have used it a lot already. First we made peanut butter cookies, then we made a full batch of cinnamon rolls. Yum, yum.

On Saturday, Jacob had a baseball game and then we drove to Warden after that. We spent most of the afternoon watching Kevin fix up his demo race car, then we headed over to his brothers' house in Moses Lake for a barbecue. It was nice to gather with all of Kevin's family, we don't get to see them very often.

Then came Sunday. I was so excited for church because I always love the little surprises they have in store for the mom's and I can usually bet on watching my children sing and me getting all choked up an teary. Sacrament starts at 9:30 so I was up an in the shower at about sevenish. I noticed that the drain in the shower was very slow and I had water around my ankles, but no big deal right, it's an older home. Kayla cam in to use the potty and she says, "Mom there is no water in the toilet,". I tell her to go ahead and go potty and by this time I am out of the shower. She flushes the toilet and, you guessed it, there is water everywhere. We yell for Kevin to come in and we can all hear this really weird noise in the walls coming from the pipes. Well, lo and behold, the sewer backed up into the shower downstairs, thank goodness we were showering upstairs!! It was gross!! The house got all stinky and Kevin and his dad had to go fix the problem. No one but me was able to shower.

I kept thinking "They'll get it fixed in a second" but they didn't. We had to miss church. I missed the singing and all of the little Mother's Day perks, I was sad. My mother-in-law started to get a little panicky because the family was coming over after church for lunch/dinner and we had no bathroom and we couldn't run the water. Kevin's brother texted us from church asking were we all were. At about noon they finally unclogged the sewer, everyone was able to take showers and we had our Mother's Day Lunch/Dinner. Everyone kept apologizing to each other for missing church, especially the men, but it was no ones fault, it just happened right.

We came home to Pasco that night and I was feeling a little bummed out for having missed church even though we had a really good time the rest of the day visiting with everyone and watching all of the cousins play together. When we came home, Kevin picked up our Sunday paper and put it on the counter. Attached to it was a card. Kevin makes some smart remark about me and the "paperboy" and then I opened it. It was a lovely little book called Blessings on the Hand of Women by Boyd K. Packer. Inside the book it said, "Happy Mother's Day. We love you. Pasco 9th Ward" I was so touched. I only told two people that we would be out of town so I was surprised to see that someone noticed we were not there. I got my little Mother's Day surprise. I meant so much to me that our ward family was looking out for us and someone knew that I would really appreciate this little gift. Thank you to that person.

Monday, May 5, 2008

What was I thinking!!

On Friday, something possessed me to join the gym. Can you believe it! I wanted to do something for myself and my naked silhouette in the mirror is not as attractive as it could be. I want to be as active and "in-shape" as I used to be. I went in on Friday, signed up and started right then!! It was so EASY!! 30 minutes on the elliptical, 30 minutes on circuit then 15 minutes on the treadmill. Piece of Cake!!! I felt SO good. I was all sweaty and out of breath, it was great. Then I woke up Saturday morning. Do I need to continue. I was sore, needless to say, but I was able to function pretty well. Then, I woke up Sunday morning. OH MY GOODNESS!! SO SORE!! I could not believe how bad my muscles hurt. It was so hard not to waddle through the church. It was very hard to sit with my legs crossed during the meetings. Then I got home and I felt even worse. I don't remember ever feeling so sore in my life. Guess what? I am going back today!! I can't wait to wake up tomorrow morning!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Another "Tag" Post

I was recently tagged by one of my favorite cousin-in-laws, Ashley. I know you all LOVE these so here it goes!!

Here are the rules:

1. Answer questions from your blog list of friends and family.
2. If you don’t have 18 names on your list, just pick one for the last question.
3. Tag 3 other people. (It was 5 but I changed it to 3.)

When did you meet the 1st person on your list?
Alicia. I met her back in 2003 I believe when I was in the ORIGINAL 6th Ward. She and Nicole were my visiting Teachers. I had a great time when they would come over and visit because we would just chat away and visit and occasionally we would have a lesson. Today, I enjoy reading her blog very much!

What do you like about the 3rd person on your list?

Ashley. I have watched her grow up. Literally. When you live in Warden you know everyone. She is like 7-8 years younger than me so I remember watching her grow up and go through high school, get married, and now she is a mommy?! Crazy! She truly is a sweetheart, so easy to get along with and she always has a welcoming smile on her face!!

What do you like best about the 5th and 6th people on your list?
Erin and Heather. Erin is also a cousin-in-law. We met the year both of us got married. Kevin and I were married in September of 1997 and Erin and Chris were married in December of 1997. We don't get to see them very often because they live in Vegas but are soon locating to the Spokane area. Heather I met in the 6th Ward as well. She is so funny, great sense of humor. I love her house, it is decorated to nicely and I LOVE her Scentsy product!! I think I may need some more actually!!

How long have you know the 9th person on your list?
I am counting Jodi as #9 because Heather is on my list twice. Jodi I met I believe, well, gosh, I am not Even sure when. Kevin knew Mick from their youth I think and I met Jodi one time when Kevin and Mick ran into each other somewhere a few years back when we first moved to Pasco I think. I think we may have played some softball together, too. I miss playing softball!!! And also, Ashley on my list is related to Jodi, so ya, small world!

What impresses you about the 11th and 12th people on your list?
Kate and Kim. Kate is amazing. I can relate to her in that we are both converts to the church. She has an amazing testimony. She is very pretty and extremely talented. I love her cakes!! Kim, another OG 6th Warder. She is so well-rounded. She can do it all it seems! I am impressed that she has the patience to run a pre-school out of her home. I could never do it!! She is a very inviting person, and has always made me feel "included".

What is a memory of the 16th?
Lindsay. I remember when they first moved into 6th Ward and we would hang out in the nursery because Jacob and Carson were not comfortable without us yet. We learned that we were both from the same area, Moses Lake/Warden. I remember one time (hopefully she won't mind me sharing this) we discussed whether or not we felt like we "fit in" with the "Mormon girls", both being converts to the church. Lindsay, I think I can safely say you "fit in" very well, and you have lots of amazing friends that likewise think you are amazing, including me.

Something nice about the 18th?
Nicole. Where do I begin. She is so honest. She is just Nicole and doesn't pretend to be anything but. She also has a way of making you feel invited and welcome. It may be months since you talked to her last, but you can pick up with her right where you left off. I have enjoyed chatting with her while we are at the boys' baseball practices before she rushes off to a SECOND practice that same night!!

Okay, so I guess it is my turn to Tag, so I choose, Lisa, Tiffani H, and Nicole. Sorry, I know another "List", but this one is nice I think.