Monday, December 28, 2009

Oh Hear The Angels Voices

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Random thoughts before Christmas

  • Here we are, three days before Christmas, and I have accomplished a lot, but yet there is so much left to do. Gifts still need wrapped, which means I will probably pull my usual all-nighter on Christmas Eve, and a couple gifts that still need to be purchased.
  • We had a Family Meeting last night to discuss our plans for Christmas. We are so blessed to have family very close to us on both sides so the Holidays are always a schedule juggle. Jacob, who is still holding on to the magic of Christmas with his heart even though I think his brain is telling him otherwise, really wants to wake up here, at home, on Christmas morning. We usually juggle Christmas by spending the 24th with my family, spending the night of Christmas Eve at Kevin's parents house, and then waking up Christmas morning with Kevin's family. This all meant that Santa had to come to our house on the night of the 23rd and we would open his gifts Christmas Eve morning. This worked out fine in years past, but this year Jacob is not buying it. So we will be staying home and waiting for Santa to come on Christmas Eve. Christmas morning I am sure will be a mad rush of excitement with opening gifts then quickly getting dressed and ready to drive to Warden for the day, then Moses Lake for the evening, but I am sure that great memories will be made.
  • My original plan to spread Christmas cheer with the gift of homemade tamales was a bust. My mom and I could not workout a schedule where we were both home, ALL DAY, on a Saturday to make our yummy gifts. We were both feeling bad that this was not able to be done, so we are hoping that maybe we can get them done as New Years gifts. Until then, we hope some of you will enjoy our treats that we whipped up quickly for you. Merry Christmas!
  • I am enjoying having my kids home for break. We spent all day yesterday playing LOTERIA, Mexican Bingo, and we had so much fun. Kelsie is the bingo queen!! She won so many times and she LOVES yelling BINGO when she does win. Lots of giggles and playful bickering and great memories were created on day one - Now on to day two!!
  • Ashley is also home from college for break. She is currently asleep on my couch, such is the life of a college student, and I am using her laptop. My whole family is literally HOME for the holidays. My parents and Ashley are patiently waiting for their NEW HOME to be built. It'll be about 90 days, and their new home will be ready for them. They are very excited to pick out all of the fun stuff that comes with building a new home, like carpet and paint and appliances. Jacob's favorite things about this are 1) He'll have his room back and 2) My parents house is being built right around the corner from his two friends CARSON and TYLER. He thinks this is the coolest thing ever.
  • Christmas Sunday at church was perfect. All the right words were spoken and the right feelings were present. I was surrounded by sisters who I love and the ones who were not actually in the building, I could feel because of their amazing strength and awesome examples that they are to me. Thank you all.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

All I want for Christmas is My FIRST Haircut

Yes, it's true. Kelsie is 3 years old and had her very first haircut ever yesterday. Kelsie is well known for her beautiful, curly hair with ringlets that go on for days. I love her hair - except for every morning that I have to tame her fro from all of the tangles of her bedhead. I should buy stock in the Suave Detangler Spray, but Kelsie is a champ. She sits there everyday and lets me do whatever I want to her hair. Some days I don't hear a peep from her as I am combing out her locks, other days she peeps a lots. I decided in recent weeks that it is time for a knew do for Kelsie. Nothing drastic, just trim off all of her uneven baby hair and update her look. Kelsie, however, was not on board with my plan. She would simply just tell me NO when I would suggest a haircut. Fine.
Last Thursday, Kelsie and I were driving around town on errands and she said to me, out of the blue, "Mommy, it's time for my haircut." Really? I told her that I thought that was a great idea, only problem was she wanted to go RIGHT NOW and that wasn't on my scheduled day. I convinced her to wait a few more days and she agreed. Yesterday, was THE day.

I really wanted to take her to a friend of mine who is a FABULOUS hairstylist, but Kayla had told Kelsie about Monkee Dooz and Kelsie's mind and heart were made up. She was very excited to go there. On the drive there she says to me, "Can we go there later, not right now?" I told her we had to go now because we had an appointment. I could tell she was nervous. This is a picture of Kelsie waiting for her turn. She was happy and smiley. That all changed VERY QUICKLY.

Here she is as they are laying her down to get her hair washed. She was so apprehensive and nervous. Her whole body stiffened up and there were no more smiles and giggles.

They asked her what kind of shampoo she wanted. Chocolate, Raspberry, Orange, Blueberry, Coconut, Bubblegum, WOW! No response from Kelsie. She would not speak. She would only shake her head yes or no at me. She chose Raspberry.

She was happy when that was over, but still no smiles or any reactions at all. Stiff and still.

She was pretty excited about the Barbie Jeep she got to sit in. She really liked the penguins on the cape she was wearing. Isn't she so cute, even with no emotion.

These WERE her beautiful curls. It was SO long. It stretched right down to the top of her bum. I was sad and excited both. When the hairstylist asked me how short I wanted it I asked her to go to her shoulder blades. She informed me that would be about SIX INCHES!! WHAT!? That kinda freaked me out so I changed my mind. How about 3 inches. Sounds good.

This was the first snip, getting rid of her baby hair. ((TEAR))

Here, I am holding 3 inches of curl and showing it to Kelsie. She obviously is NOT amused.

I asked for a little bit of layers to give her a little bit of volume.

Remember, this was Kelsie's idea and she looks like someone just broke her heart.

I wonder what she is thinking here? My little baby, growing up right before my eyes.

TADA!!! This is the finished result. I told you it was nothing drastic, but it was enough for Kelsie and me, too. She still has some curl left, but I fear, the more haircuts she gets, the more curl we cut off and then I will not have those long beautiful ringlets anymore. It's pretty much growing in wavy, not curly.

They finished her off with a cute Topsy-tail and some sparkles, but not even those would make her smile. Don't you just LOVE that face!! Of course, after we left and met daddy for lunch, she was all smiles and giggles again. She told everyone about her FUN haircut. Her version of the story is a little different than what I witnessed, but that was her take on it I guess. She did admit to Kayla that it was a little scary but then she said she can't wait to do it again. Not for a long while Kelsie. She was flipping her hair around all night long, it was so cute to watch. I hope now that combing and styling her hair everyday won't be such a chore for either one of us.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Feelin' The Love

I am totally loving this Christmas Season. New babies, friendly faces and my children who teach me everyday what the true reason for Christmas is. After running some Christmas errands yesterday, I came home to find THREE plates of goodies that were left by some of the best friends I could ever ask for. I was speechless. Let me tell you my friends can BAKE!! They were all so yummy. NO! I did not eat them all, I just sampled a little from each plate:) It also reminded me that I need to get started on my goody giving! Time is running out!

While going from store to store, I encountered TONS of really nice and friendly people out there. In fact, I don't think anyone was rude or unfriendly at all. This really shocked me because I can usually count on coming home with some story about how rude or impolite someone was to me or someone else while I was in town, not this year, so far.

Lovin' the weather. Yeah, it's been frigid, but it's winter, it's suppose to be cold. We are very happy about the tiny bit of snow we have so far and hope to get lots more. Call me crazy, but I am looking forward to the kids being out of school next week and hope to get some good play time in the snow in.

All in all, this winter ROCKS so far!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Twilight - Mormon Style

Thanks SO much to HEATHER for posting this video. ENJOY!!

Twilight Years from Tom on Vimeo.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Can you FEEL IT?

I can, and I really needed to. I'm talking about Christmas and the wonderful spirit and feeling that it brings with it. After Thanksgiving, none of us could wait to get out our Christmas decor and spread it through out the house. There was only one problem - The Tree. For the past three years we have used an artificial tree and it worked out just fine. Some people have very strong feelings of fake vs. real, but for me it's always kind of been whatever is easiest for that year. Our little artificial tree has been great and served it's purpose and was beautiful every year. This year however, I needed something more, and I KNEW it started with the tree. I know that this year I need to feel ALL of the spirit of Christmas, the real Christmas not the commercial one. We headed out to the local nursery on RD 68 as a family in search of the PERFECT tree for us. We each had an idea of what we wanted. Kelsie even took a picture form an ad in Sunday's paper to make sure we got the right one. The man at the nursery was so nice and helpful and I could tell that he knew how important this was to all of us. He showed us the different trees on the lot and each one was either too small, too big, had a bald spot, too skinny. It was cute to watch the kids walk from tree to tree and form their opinion, Kelsie with her picture in hand comparing each one. It took all of about 20 minutes, and there it was. Everyone ooooed and awwwed because we had found our tree. It was so exciting! We loaded it up in the truck and took her home. Once we got home we found that our perfect tree fit perfectly in our front window and it was time to start the trimming of the tree. One small problem - NO LIGHTS. You see, our artificial tree came pre-lit so we had no lights for our tree. Kevin and I run off to Wal-Mart and found lights and a new tree topper, rushed home and then started the decorating. We had such a good time! Kelsie was just so giddy and giggly I couldn't help but smile the entire night. My mom helped me find the right spots to display Christmas splendor throughout the house. It was great! Since Monday, I have loved the feeling in our home, I hope it lasts all of December and well into the new year. I love it all!
  • Christmas music playing 24/7 in the house and car. There is no way you can feel anything but happy when you have Christmas music playing. Love it!
  • Frosty, cold weather that makes you break out the gloves, hats and scarves. I even had to scrape my windshield before taking Kayla to school this morning - and I enjoyed it!!
  • Singing Christmas Hymns in church on Sunday. I can't sing, and I try not too sing too loud on any normal Sunday, but this month I will sing out loud, so I apologize in advance to any of you sitting within earshot of me.
  • Kelsie woke up the morning after we decorated the house and saw me putting the tubs away and screamed in protest because she thought I was going to put everything away. I assured her I wasn't and she was okay. Every morning she runs into the front room to check on the tree.
  • Whether it is politically correct or not, I will be wishing everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS.
  • The SCENT of Christmas. Cinnamon, evergreens, peppermint. It also helps that I have all of my Scentsy warmers going and it smells oh so amazing in here!! If you need some, come visit me, I have a few on hand.
  • Baking! Good thing I lost a little weight before now because I am pretty sure it's all coming back. My mom and I have decided to make tamales as a Christmas treat for ourselves and for those friends that we love.
  • Basketball. Yes, I said basketball. I absolutely LOVE to watch a good college basketball game with my husband and it all starts in December. Last nights Zags victory over WSU had Kevin beaming!! We think WSU is great, as long as they are not playing against Gonzaga. Kevin is a die hard Zags fan and has been for years and years.
  • We've scaled back on the gifts this year and we are very happy about it. The kids are on board with our plans for service and giving and we have been feeling that little something extra in our hearts.
  • I am going to try and be more Christlike. Be forgiving and patient. For me, this is a challenge, after all I am still human and a very stubborn one. I am trying to love those who offend me and try not to let other people bring me down. I choose to love and be happy.

I hope you feel that same thing in the air that I do. It fills up my heart and makes me smile.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day

Yesterday, many of the local schools held Veterans Day assemblies. As I knew would happen eventually, having kids in two different schools, the two schools we attend had their assemblies at the same time. Because Jacob was participating in the assembly at his school I had to tell Miss Kayla that I would not be coming to her assembly, she was not happy but she understood.

Jacob and the rest of his 3rd grade class gave a presentation about Veterans Day and why we celebrate it, and he was also asked to be part of the Color Guard along with all the other Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts in the 3rd grade. He was very excited to have the opportunity to do this at school. He got dressed for school in his Cub Scout uniform and rode the bus to school while Kelsie, Grandpa JR and I drove to the school and met him there.

I was very excited to go to the assembly and watch Jacob and all of his friends be part of the Color Guard. I was a proud mama with my camera in hand and I was just so excited to hear his part of the presentation and watch him do his part. That's all I was there for, that was the only thing on my mind.

This is a picture of Jacob and his classmates and fellow Cub Scouts before the assembly. Aren't they so cute!! We are very fortunate to be in a class that consist of mostly boys who happen to have a lot of things in common. This is a great group of boys.

Here, their teacher was lining them up and making sure that they all knew what they were suppose to do.

I love a man in Uniform!!

Here, Jacob is waiting his turn for his part of the presentation.

He said his part very well. He was afraid he would forget what he was suppose to say.

A strange thing happened during the assembly. I forgot that the ONLY reason I went was to watch my son take part and take some pictures. I forgot that the reason he was participating in this assembly was in honor of Veterans Day and all of the brave men and women who make our way of life possible for us. I was quickly reminded.

At the start of the assembly, before the color guard came in, they had the guests of honor all walk in. They were invited there by the children of the school, mothers, fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers, aunts, uncles & friends. As they walked in we all stood and clapped. As they filed in some of them were overwhelmed and began to cry, then I started to get teary eyed. The school put on a wonderful assembly. The guests of honor all introduced themselves and the child who invited them there. It was very touching to hear each one of them speak. One of the grandfathers even presented his granddaughter with his Purple Heart, it was very moving. I instantly thought, why did I not ask Jacob's grandpa Ed and Uncle Nick to come as guests? Why did I not submit the photo of our dear friend Jeremiah who was killed in Iraq a month before his 21st birthday or Jacob's Great Grandpa Cox. I think it was because I was too busy being a proud mama and forgot to be a proud American Citizen.

The assembly continued with an invited young Marine telling his story. You have to remember this was a gym full of children grades K-5, and every one of them was completely respectful and captivated by our guest speaker. I was moved to tears, luckily I wasn't the only one. After the speaker, the children sang some beautiful patriotic songs as they played a slide show. The pictures and images in the slide show of both past and present Veterans and scenes of war completely touched me and reminded me of why I was there. It wasn't just to take pictures of my handsome son in his uniform, it was to honor ans respect all of the brave men and women who fight our our freedom and liberty. They closed the slide show singing Lee Greenwood's Proud to Be an American. That song gets me every time. I saw so many children and parents moved to tears. There was a feeling of American Pride and unity in the gym. It was awesome. I am thankful to have gone to that assembly and to be reminded of why I have the opportunity to have my some attend a public school and he a part of the Cub Scouts and worship religiously as we know is true. Next year I will remember why I am really attending the assembly and make sure to invite those that deserve to be honored for their service.

When the kids got home from school, we talked about the assembly and they both thought of them. Kayla said her assembly was so awesome. I wasn't there, but for a first grader to come home and say that, it must have been great. Jacob said to me, "Mom, that assembly made me want to be a Marine." I paused for a long time. I wasn't sure how to respond. As his mother I am thinking are you crazy!! No way!! As a proud American I am thinking, thank you. I just simply said, "Well talk about when you are older and if you still feel that way, we will talk about it some more."

Today at 11:00 Jacob made sure that we took 2 minutes to pause and remember those who gave their lives for our freedom. It was a great lesson to me that this was something that he had learned and felt very strongly about. Again, back to being a proud mama.

Thank you to all the men and women who serve so bravely for our country.

Jeremiah W. Schmunk

Branch of Military:Army
Unit: Company C, 1st Battalion, 161st Infantry Regiment, 1st Cavalry
Unit's Base: Moses Lake, Wash.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Peanut Jelly & Butter

Like Father, like daughter.

Kevin's favorite and only meal as a child was good ol' PB&J.

This little apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, she just renamed it. It's not Peanut Butter and Jelly, it's Peanut JELLY & Butter. And she WILL let you know.

Anytime of day or night, this is her request. Only now, she wants to make it "my ownself".

Don't worry, it's just a butter knife. I think she licks more off of the butter knife than actually gets on the bread. Kevin says he has NEVER tasted a PB&J so good as when Kelsie makes them.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Holloween 2009 - Olson Style

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Start Getting Ready For Christmas!!!

Crazy right?! Halloween hasn't even past us yet and already lots of people are looking towards Christmas!! Well there's a good reason for this post about getting ready for Christmas, particularly your Christmas decor.

Do you LOVE decorating for Chrsitmas? I do! Well this gorgeous WSU Cheerleader . . .

and all of her WSU Spirit Squad members are having a Holiday Wreaths Fundraiser Sale.

All wreaths are 24 inches across and are decorated with juniper berries, cedar incense, pine cones and a red bow, and are shipped in a gift box directly to you, your family and friends.

The cost for each wreath is $35 and all orders are due by November 9. If this is something you may be interested in, please let me know.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Love's and Dislikes

  • I LOVE having breakfast (or any meal) with amazing women that inspire me. Thanks guys.
  • I LOVE watching Major League Baseball with my boys, especially when the Yankees are losing!!
  • I LOVE good, flavorful food.
  • I LOVE the Internet.
  • I LOVE a good book.
  • I LOVE being feed Spiritually.
  • I LOVE a good movie, cuddling on the couch with my man.
  • I LOVE my children. They teach and inspire me everyday.
  • I LOVE my sisters.
  • I LOVE Fall and the beautiful colors it brings. You should see my wonderful little tree in my yard. It makes me SO happy.
  • I LOVE a clean house.
  • I LOVE date night with my husband, even if it means just walking around Hastings for a few hours.
  • I LOVE the new silhouette in the mirror. It's a little thinner:)
  • I LOVE to smile and my children's smiles.
  • I LOVE having all the windows open on a day like today.
  • I LOVE watching Ashley cheer.
  • I LOVE making lists and checking things off.
  • I LOVE wearing new clothes.
  • I LOVE hearing Jacob tell his stories of his "best weekend ever"!!
  • I LOVE good music and the way it makes me feel. All music - jazz, blues, hip hop, R&B, country, gospel, classical, alternative - all of it!!
  • I LOVE the butterflies I still get when my husband looks at me "that way".
  • I DISLIKE knowing that my son will soon be taller than me.
  • I DISLIKE forgetting important things like dropping off or picking up my children from activities.
  • I DISLIKE sharing. I just learned that, or maybe I am regressing to my childhood - but a little different. MY washer/dryer, MY kitchen, MY children, MY computer, MY television, MY sweet spot in the couch. . . shall I continue.
  • I DISLIKE feeling helpless.
  • I DISLIKE feeling needy/whinny.
  • I DISLIKE being bored even though there is a lot around the house I could do.
  • I DISLIKE not being crafty and inventive.
  • I DISLIKE feeling like I have nothing to contribute.
  • I DISLIKE feeling claustrophobic.
  • I DISLIKE clutter and being unorganized even though you might not be able to tell by looking in my house right now.
  • I DISLIKE not knowing things I want to know right now.
  • I DISLIKE that I am not very patient at times.

Friday, October 2, 2009

And take a peek here too!!

What's Ashley Been Up to?

Take a look!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Really Can Do Hard things

This is proof that I really was there.

Cami, Amy, Me & Kristin. Happy and smiling before the race.

This is proof that I really did cross the finish line, 13.1 miles later. The clock in the picture is wrong, by the way. It kept jumping around for some reason. My official time was 2 hours 41 minutes and 55 seconds. My goal was 2 hrs 30 min. but at least I finished. This was definitely the hardest thing I have ever done. The first 7 miles weren't that bad. By the 10th mile I was DONE!! I just wanted to stop and lay in the grass and cry. I walked for a while then it was harder to get running again. When I saw the finish line I ran as fast as my legs would go then threw myself on the grass and chugged some water, breathed very heavily and cried. The best part was seeing my family and friends there at the end.

This is a picture of us (I know it's kind of far away) all together at the end. You can't see it but I am stuffing my face with grapes. They never tastes so good before.

Currently my awesome running shoes are sitting at the foot of my bed feeling very lonely and empty. They just may remain that way until Spring. I think a break is what this Marathon Mommy needs.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Reasons to Celebrate

September 11, 1997 - September 11, 2009


As we were . . .

As we are . . .

Suited perfectly for ETERNITY, Me & You

September 12, 2006

Kelsie Maria Olson

Look who's 3!!!


And of course the cake that she asked for over and over . . .

That I decided to take a stab at all on my own . . . .

And I think turned out AWESOME according to Kelsie's smiling face and sparkling eyes!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Not Forgotten

I have been called out. Called out by my wonderful mother-in-law who made me realize that I have been neglecting something that I love to do. Something that I sometimes ponder on all day so I can make it just right. I am talking about my blog. Have you noticed? It's been a really long time since I have made the time to sit and tell our daily stories. I didn't think many would miss it, but I am happy to see that a few of you have been wondering just what we are doing over here. There have been lots of events flying by, just no time to blog about it. I am going to try and make the effort to get back into a routine of blogging because I like it and it makes me happy and because I want my mother-in-law to be happy, too. Here goes me playing catch up. This may not be in chronological order, but it works.

Jacob turned 9 in August and this was my attempt at making a cake using fondant. Thanks to the instruction and guidance of her and her, I was able to come up with this. Not too bad for my first time, I think, and Jacob loved it so it was well worth the effort.

Also in August, Jacob and Kayla started school. Different schools this year. Luckily they are both very happy and everything has been very smooth in making the transition to a new school and the schedules work out well for all of us. Kayla started 1st Grade and Jacob started 3rd grade. Here are a few pictures of their first day of school.

Kelsie was not to be left out of the photo opps.!!

Jacob get to ride the bus to his school this year. He was both excited and nervous about this on the first day.

Kayla quickly found her "gang" from last year and was happy and at ease.

So much more to blog about, no more time for now. I will return tomorrow (hopefully) with the next episode in my attempt to catch up on my blogging.