Tuesday, November 13, 2007

So busy. . . what to do with your free time

I woke up this morning and I knew I had another full, busy day ahead. I had to call my visiting teachers and reschedule because I had accidentally scheduled it at the same time as gymnastics. I got breakfast done with, Jacob to school then started cleaning up and getting the girls ready for gym. Rush back to the school to pick up Jacob from school, make lunch and get the girls down for a nap. Clean up again, and now I can take a shower. Get dressed help Jacob with some school work, girls wake up and now need and afternoon snack. Go to Wal-Mart (I think it's the fourth time this week) get back home and make dinner. Visit with Kevin about his day while I clean up again. Get pj's on and get ready for bed (Kelsie fights me until about 8:30) and of course, the Gonzaga basketball game is on as well as Dancing with the Stars. Try to listen to both because there is no sitting down to actually watch. Work on my Activity Days poster while everyone is asleep, tidy up a bit once more . . . now what? I guess I'll Blogg.
What does my day look like tomorrow?

Monday, November 12, 2007

My eyes have been opened

Thanks to Terilyn my eyes have been opened to this wonderful new world of blogging. I like to think I am computer literate, but I have never taken the time to look into or explore blogging and I think it is something that I will enjoy. It seems that there is a lot of networking and it is a great way to keep in touch and learn about people you know and would like to get to know better. Hopefully, if time allows, I will be able to figure this whole thing out. Anyone with any advice or comments please feel free!!