Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday Letters

I stole this idea of writing letters (or venting what's on my mind) from my friend.  Thanks Karen, hope you don't mind.  Here I go.

Dear Big Banks,

Hi.  My name is Amy.  Remember me? Probably not.  We've been working with you since July to get help with our new home.  Does anyone REALLY work there?  And if you really do have employees, do you ever speak to each other or work on the same days?  It seems as though the only way I can get any sort of response from you is when my husband physically goes into your office and sits in front of you until you do something.  The second he leaves you totally forget about us.  I do not like you very much at all.  You are making my life more miserable.  I hope you never need anything from me because I can tell you I will not make it easy or pleasant for you.  I'm just returning the favor.

Home owner stuck in a rental

Dear Builder #1,

Thanks for convincing us that we really could build this on our own MUCH cheaper than going to a "tract" builder.  Thanks for trying.  Thanks for your honesty.  Thanks for waiting until the very last day to tell us your fee was a brand new truck more than you originally told us.

Looking for another builder

Dear Builder #2,

I am so happy that you got my hopes up.  You told me that everything would be fine.  The other builder was way too high.  You could do it NO PROBLEM!  "I'll take care of everything," you said.  Whew!  What a relief!  Oh. I'm sorry.  What's that?  On the LAST day of our three week waiting period you tell us your fee is a brand new truck, too? Didn't I just watch that movie?  You are on my list and I feel very sorry for you.

I'm so done

Dear Jacob, Kayla & Kelsie,

I love you with all that I am.  You have been nothing but perfect children through this whole mess I got you into.  You have shown me how to truly be grateful for what we DO have.  You love each other, and fight with each other, and bring me back to reality, and our reality is awesome.  I love how you share a room and help each other, most of the time, to keep it clean.  You are humble and sweet and you show me everyday how to truly love.  You sincerely love your new neighborhood friends and ward family.  You are the greatest examples to me.  I hope to be that for you some day.

Love you truly,

Dear Sweet Realtor who gave me hope,

I've been looking for you.  I had lost all hope.  I am glad that I listened to the voice in my head that told me to go and see you today.  You gave me a lot of answers.  You were so kind and sweet.  I hope you weren't just being a "Salesman" today.  I am not 100% ready to give up on the land we are looking at now, but I feel my options are running out.  I'll probably come see you again.  I enjoyed the tour you gave me.  I am intrigued by the information you gave me.  I want to explore my options.  It seems like you have made LOTS of my friends happy, maybe I could be too.

Curiously & Prayerfully,
Family wanting a home again

Dear Kevin,

I'm sorry for being so whinny.  I'm sorry for making you feel like this was all your fault.  You work so hard for us and I know you are trying your best.  It's not your fault that there are stupid people out there who don't keep their word and bait you in just to let you go again.  You are more than capable of building us an amazing home, I just wish other people could see that.  Maybe we rethink this AGAIN.  Whatever we do, we'll do it together and it'll be great.

All my love,
Your wife

I feel much better now.

6 Thoughts:

PRP said...

Oh Amy, I'm so sorry. It's been a nightmare process for you thus far which can only mean things are going to get SO MUCH BETTER from here on out, right? Keep your head up. You've already got a beautiful home, wherever those four other people are. Now you just need some walls and a roof.


::lindsay said...

Ugh....that stinks! You're in our prayers. I'm giving you a call as we speak...

Todd and Shana said...

So sorry you are dealing with all of this. Doesn't sound fun....good to know in case we ever get to buy a house. Hope things start looking up soon! BTW, I love your new header!

Heather said...

So... things are going that good huh? Let's do lunch next week. I'm actually not babysitting!

tharker said...

I'm so sorry Amy! This whole thing has seemed like one long frustrating process, but I still believe that in the end (even if the end is still a while away...) it will all be worth it! Hang in there, sweetie!

Cox Family News said...

I think the big thing to remember is that for whatever reason, because you and Kevin pray about everything you do, you are where you should be at this time. AND, you will find the right house for you. Whether you buy or build.