Monday, November 3, 2008

The Bear, the Sorcerer and the Cheerleader?

No, this is not the title to some new really lame movie, these were my kids' costumes this year.

We have Jacob the sorcerer. He didn't want to be Harry Potter but he wanted to be some sort of a wizard and he wanted to be scary. This is what Jacob and Kevin came up with. The wand was really cool mainly because Kevin made it for him and it looks better than the ones you can buy in the store for like $15, and its wood not plastic.

We have Kayla the cheerleader, but not just any old cheerleader. She is a High School Musical Wildcat Cheerleader!! My mom MADE her this uniform and it turned out AWESOME don't you think. Kayla, needless to say, LOVED it and has worn it everyday. She even wore it to the movie that we finally took them to see on Saturday afternoon. She was a very happy girl.

And last but not least, we have Kelsie the Care bear. This was a HUGE accomplishment because she refused to put on any kind of costume earlier in the week. I could not bribe her into any costume at all. I think once she saw Jacob and Kayla dressing up and all of the kids coming to our door dressed up and getting candy, she was on board. Since Kayla had make-up on, of course Kelsie had to have some too. She WALKED with the kids and Kevin through our neighborhood and caught on very quickly. Kevin said she would worm her way to the front of the crowd in front of each new door and say "Tick o teet" and then "Tank oo". Isn't she adorable!!

My three little ghouls!!

3 Thoughts:

Kris said...

Love the Wildcat Cheerleading costume. It turned out great. How fun for Kayla. Your kids costume's look fantastic.

Amy said...

Love the costumes! Jacob's is really scary!

Jodi said...

SO CUTE! I hope they had a lot of fun trick-or-treating.