Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spring Break

I have been absent from blogging since spring break 1) to spend time with the kids over spring break and 2) to see if I could live without blogging. I found that I can live without blogging but it's not as fun. I felt like I was under a rock and I missed stalking all of your pages to see what you were all up to. So now I am back, and this is what we did over spring break.

I taught the kids how to make flour tortillas. I have no pictures because my hands were full, but we all had a great time. We went to the Playground of dreams on another day and had a picnic. We had so much fun. Unfortunately I forgot the camera (can you say 'bad mommy') so no pictures of that either. But I do have pictures of our FHE/Spring Break project.

Kevin and Jacob made these awesome "garden boxes", one for everyone.

Then we went and everyone got to pick out four of their own plants to take care of and "raise". Jacob chose a tomato plant (so his dad can make salsa), a strawberry plant (so I can make strawberry shortcake), a mum, and a daisy. Kayla chose a tomato plant and a strawberry plant for the same reasons as Jacob, a purple petunia and a pink Geranium. Surprise , surprise on the colors she chose, right? Kevin and I chose cilantro and jalapenos so we could make salsa. Anyway, we had a great time and it was fun to see them so excited about having their own "garden" to take care of. We moved them into the garage while it was really cold but they are back outside again. Can't wait to make some yummy salsa fresh from our own garden!!

Also on a side note - I would like to give a big shout out and a huge Thank You, Thank You to Rebecca for the amazing haircut she gave me when I was in an "I'm going to shave my head" moment!! I love it!!

8 Thoughts:

jodiecox said...

O.K. you guys have got to bring me some homemade salsa next time ya'll come to Warden!!

debsters said...

That is so,so,so great. I love your plantings and the boxes are fabulous.
I agree with you, blogging is enjoyable and fun to see what everyone is doing. Thanks for sharing what you guys are up to.

lindsay>boo said...

Good idea letting them have their own boxes. I'm so glad you are back blogging cuz it's good to hear from you.

Please post a picture of your new haircut!

Tharker said...

Love this idea! Your kids look like they had a great time, and now they will take so much more pride in taking care of that little garden.

I would love to try some of your salsa sometime. Maybe we could trade some bread for salsa or something ;)

Oh yeah, I want to see the haircut too! Is it different than it looked on Sunday? Because I thought your hair looked gorgeous! (as always)

AOlson said...

Tiff - I would love to trade some bread for salsa. I tried to make the bread the other day and it came out okay, I think. I had the haircut on Sunday. It's simple but I like it. I need to learn to style it like Rebecca did. It's just about 3 inches shorter, very straight, and layers around the face with sweeping bangs. Glad to get rid of the long hair that was weighing down my neck!

Terilyn said...

I love the boxes idea! Not so much to weed that way. I am wondering what my kids are going to do with their big patch of land when those weeds start to pop up! I'll have to send pics of the planting day when I get back from Women's Conf.

Heather said...

Tell Kevin I want a garden box!

I didn't see you on Sunday, so post a picture.

AND do you know how to make tamales????

AOlson said...

Heather- Why yes, I know the PROCESS of making tamales. I am no expert by any means. Usually I just do as I am told by Grandma or my mom. If I had to make them by myself it might be a little scary. I need measurements - Tbs, tsps, cups, etc. Not a handful of this and a pinch of that or till it feels right.