Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm A Super Hero!! Are you?

So while lurking through blog land tonight, I found this quiz on this girls blog. I thought it looked like fun so I tried it!!!

Your results:
You are The Flash

The Flash
Wonder Woman
Green Lantern
Iron Man
Fast, athletic and flirtatious.

Click here to take the Superhero Personality Test

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Saturdays' Storm

I hope you all enjoyed the fabulous Tri-Cities weekend, although, the weatherperson was wrong, AGAIN!! What did you all think of that crazy little storm that came in out of know where? Crazy!! This is our story of what happened to us in the storm.

Kevin is a big outdoorsman. Loves everything outdoors. Camping, hunting, fishing, and playing on the water. About two or three years ago we purchased a really cool jetski and since then we spend as much time as possible riding it. We always have so much fun. This weekend was no exception. We drove over to Howard Amon, jetski in tow, to play and have some fun on the really nice, although a little but overcast, Saturday. The kids were itching to go to the wading pool so we did that for about half an hour, then the playground for about half an hour, then we decided lets unload the jetski. Still really nice weather. Kevin unloaded the jetski and the kids and I found a nice little spot to lay out our blankets and relax. We watched Kevin "play" on the jetski for a while, then Jacob wanted to ride so Kevin takes him out, then Kayla, and last but not least Kelsie. Yes, I said Kelsie. Take a look.

She loved it! It was her first time ever on the jetski and she couldn't get enough. She kept saying, "Moe daddy moe." I think she may be an adrenaline junkie like her dad. I am way more timid with speed and danger. Anyway, still the weather was okay.

Then it was my turn. I got on the jetski and looked up at the sky and it looked like maybe we may get a little rain but the clouds looked like they were far enough away, so off I went. I just like to cruise the river no faster than 20 mph. It was nice. I was headed toward the hotels and it was very quiet on the river. Just me cruisin'. Then seriously out of nowhere there was a huge bolt of lightning right above the hotel. I was loke, whoa, okay, time to go in. I turn around and immeditaely I hear and feel a loud BOOM!! Thunder. Kinda scared me. I start heading back and the water got really rough, I look toward the shore and there was like a wind storm, lots of dust everywhere and as far away as I was, I could tell the kids were not very amused by the out-of-nowhere storm. I drive as fast as I could without freaking out and then it started to rain, REALLY HARD. I was getting drenched. This all happend so fast, in a matter of seconds it seemed like. I get back to the shore, jump off the jetski and sure enough Kayla is freaking out. Jacob is trying to stay calm and Kelsie is crying becuase everyone got so chaotic all of a sudden. It's raining hard now and Kevin has to load the jetski on to the trailor. I grab the kids and all of our stuff and run to the truck, and it wasn't easy because they were in a panic. I kept telling them to calm down it was just a storm that would pass in a matter of minutes, it would be over soon. Then it started to hail. OH JOY! I litterally throw everything and everyone into the truck and start backing it down the launch so Kevin can load up the ski, Kevin has been in the water this whole time waiting for us, so he is beyond soaked. We hurriedly get loaded up and pull away so that others could load up their boats. we stop in the parking lot to take inventory . . . we all start laughing. It was so funny, NOW! We were all wet from the storm, and as we pulled away, the storm had moved on to Pasco, which is were we were headed.

It was a fun memory made!! Looking forward to many more!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Where does your FRIDGE R RATE?

So lately I have been noticing the fronts of peoples refrigerators. I don't know why, but when I go to someones house and I am in the kitchen, I love to examine and study the front of their refrigerator. I have found some very, very neat fridge doors, covered with pictures and drawing and magnets, calendars, etc. So I thought I'd ask, "What does your fridge look like and what does it say about you/your family?"

This is our fridge. What do you think? It has a "Save the Date" wedding announcement, our family calendar - to keep us in line, TKD Schedule, pictures, VT route, HT route, Nick-n-Willy's magnet, and the letters of the alphabet.

I would love to stop by all of your blogs and see what your fridge doors look like!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy Birthday KAYLA!!

Kayla Amaya Olson was born on June 8, 2003. We celebrated her 5th birthday this past Sunday. This post is dedicated to her and the wonderful little spirit that she is. I couldn't have hand-picked a more prefect little girl for me. She is everything that I wanted and more. I can't believe that you are 5 now and will be in kindergarten in the fall. Where has the time gone.

Kayla is just wonderful. She has the most amazing smile. Her eyes sparkle and light up when she is smiling and happy. She has the most contagious giggle. This is my favorite thing about her - her laugh. It is amazing!! When she gets going the whole room starts to laugh because she is just so cute. Kayla is a big dreamer. She has dreams of being a princess and living in a castle. She dreams of being a singer, a cheerleader, a gymnast and also loves to ride four wheelers.

Kayla is a great big sister to Kelsie and a great little sister to Jacob. She fills both roles very well. For her birthday she received the High School Musical Sing It game for our Wii. Let me tell you, this little girl can ROCK!! I wish you all could see and hear her. Our living room has become her center stage and she OWNS that mic like no one else!! She just may be the future American Idol, no kidding!

Kayla loves to bake with me. She can't wait until she is a mommy, is what she tells me, so she can cook and bake all the time. She loves to play dress up. Belle is her favorite Disney Princess and Kelsie will point to a picture of Belle and say Kayla because we think she looks just like Belle.

Kayla we love you so much. You are a little star. You bring so much joy to our family. I love to watch you grow and learn. I hope that all of your dreams come true and that you never let anyone tell you that you can't do something.

Kayla, never forget that mommy loves you Higher than the Sky and Deeper than the Ocean!!

Happy Birthday Lala!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Peek into the Future?!

I found this picture and I thought I would share it with all of you.

Isn't it just adorable!!