Monday, August 25, 2008

Being 8

This post is a little late but I wanted to make sure I had enough time to do this post justice and I also had to round up the pictures off of different peoples' cameras.

Jacob turned 8 on August 10. Wow, I can't believe it. Where did eight years go. I remember going into labor with him at our little duplex in Kennewick and it was the classic ,"Honey I think its time," and Kevin and my sister Lisa, who was living with us at the time, grabbed the bags and headed out to the car at midnight while I was struggling to walk myself down the hallway. They finally realized they were missing me and came back to help me.

I was so overwhelmed when we brought him home. He was so perfect. I didn't know what to do with him but I knew I loved him so much. The thing about the first born is that all of their "firsts" are also your "firsts". It's an overwhelming, emotional feeling every time my first born experiences something for the first time. Jacob has always been his father's son. He wouldn't go to nursery without Kevin, wherever Kevin is, that's where you'll find Jacob. Doing the guy stuff. But I think I get the best part of him. The snugly, I am not feeling good, I want some attention, can I get a hug and kiss, look what I did in school, Jacob.

I clearly remember for so many years Jacob saying, "I am NOT getting baptised!" I would say to Kevin, "What are we going to do?" Kevin assured me it was just a phase, a very long phase, that he would get over. He was right. The months leading up to his baptism I really saw him grow and understand his decision. The importance of baptism and the truths of the gospel, he understood it all. He was so excited, he had a countdown calendar that he would mark off. He has so excited for his first interview with the Bishop. He said he felt powerful (the Holy Ghost). He felt like a grown up. In so many ways he is more grown up than so many people I know. He is an amazing example to all of his family. My family has been so impressed with his maturity and his "knowing" that what he was doing was the right choice and what Heavenly Father wants him to do.



This morning I found him reading all of the cards that people wrote to him during his baptism. He said that he liked to read them because they made him feel good and happy. Thank you so much to all who attended and left your testimonies for Jacob to read. It's only been a week and already he is reading your words and taking them to heart. I am so proud of Jacob. I was no where near his level when I was eight. He amazes me. I love you Jacob.

4 Thoughts:

Kris said...

What a special day for your little boy to be baptized. How neat for him to take it seriously and to know that he really wanted to do this. Glad it was a memorable day.

Ashley said...

I'm so glad to have experianced the Big Day through your blog. What an example to his little sisters!

debsters said...

Congratulations on your baptism Jacob. Look at all your family that loves you. I love the pictures of you with your grandmas.

tharker said...

Congratulations Jacob!