Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Random thoughts before Christmas

  • Here we are, three days before Christmas, and I have accomplished a lot, but yet there is so much left to do. Gifts still need wrapped, which means I will probably pull my usual all-nighter on Christmas Eve, and a couple gifts that still need to be purchased.
  • We had a Family Meeting last night to discuss our plans for Christmas. We are so blessed to have family very close to us on both sides so the Holidays are always a schedule juggle. Jacob, who is still holding on to the magic of Christmas with his heart even though I think his brain is telling him otherwise, really wants to wake up here, at home, on Christmas morning. We usually juggle Christmas by spending the 24th with my family, spending the night of Christmas Eve at Kevin's parents house, and then waking up Christmas morning with Kevin's family. This all meant that Santa had to come to our house on the night of the 23rd and we would open his gifts Christmas Eve morning. This worked out fine in years past, but this year Jacob is not buying it. So we will be staying home and waiting for Santa to come on Christmas Eve. Christmas morning I am sure will be a mad rush of excitement with opening gifts then quickly getting dressed and ready to drive to Warden for the day, then Moses Lake for the evening, but I am sure that great memories will be made.
  • My original plan to spread Christmas cheer with the gift of homemade tamales was a bust. My mom and I could not workout a schedule where we were both home, ALL DAY, on a Saturday to make our yummy gifts. We were both feeling bad that this was not able to be done, so we are hoping that maybe we can get them done as New Years gifts. Until then, we hope some of you will enjoy our treats that we whipped up quickly for you. Merry Christmas!
  • I am enjoying having my kids home for break. We spent all day yesterday playing LOTERIA, Mexican Bingo, and we had so much fun. Kelsie is the bingo queen!! She won so many times and she LOVES yelling BINGO when she does win. Lots of giggles and playful bickering and great memories were created on day one - Now on to day two!!
  • Ashley is also home from college for break. She is currently asleep on my couch, such is the life of a college student, and I am using her laptop. My whole family is literally HOME for the holidays. My parents and Ashley are patiently waiting for their NEW HOME to be built. It'll be about 90 days, and their new home will be ready for them. They are very excited to pick out all of the fun stuff that comes with building a new home, like carpet and paint and appliances. Jacob's favorite things about this are 1) He'll have his room back and 2) My parents house is being built right around the corner from his two friends CARSON and TYLER. He thinks this is the coolest thing ever.
  • Christmas Sunday at church was perfect. All the right words were spoken and the right feelings were present. I was surrounded by sisters who I love and the ones who were not actually in the building, I could feel because of their amazing strength and awesome examples that they are to me. Thank you all.

4 Thoughts:

PRP said...

I'm with Jacob...we used to travel to the grandparents for the Christmas but a few years back we decided we wanted our kids to wake p in their own house for Christmas and I LOVE IT! It's the best.

Thanks for the yummies!

lindsay>boo said...

I'm still waiting for Christmas at my own home, where the kids wake up HERE on Christmas Day.

Very Cool that your parents are building their own house by us!

Oh, and umm, if you do happen to make those tamales, I so wouldn't mind another visit my way... :)

Mishelle Noyes said...

Cant wait to see ya! The boys are excited to see Jacob and Katelin is excited to see Kayla!

tharker said...

When you do make your Tamales, I can't wait to sink my teeth into one!

That's so exciting about your parent's new home! I'm so happy for them!

Sunday was wonderful. (and since you won't do it, I'm going to give you your much deserved pat on the back for your BEAUTIFUL lesson. I love to hear you teach!)