Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lights, Camera . . . No Smiles

Don't you just love it when your kids are being all cute and funny. They get all wound up and are just acting silly. So then Mom says to herself, "Oh, I should get out the camera." You know what happens next? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! The second I bring out the camera to take some pictures or video, they stop doing whatever cute thing it was that they were doing. Or they try to reenact or "plan out their scene". I want natural action shots you know. Why do they torment me so?

On the flip side, today, and most of the time, Kelsie is all cheesy and smiley. She has the most amazing smile. We got her all dressed up curls in place to get her picture done today for her second birthday. All morning long she was being all cute and smiley and saying "cheese" and laughing. We get to the picture place, still happy and playing and smiling. We go into the photo room, Ms. Photographer Lady grabs the camera and . . . Kelsie starts CRYING!!! What! Are you kidding me. Seriously. So frustrating. I never thought I would be the mother with "that kid" who wouldn't cooperate during pictures at the studio. I was able to bribe her into three, yes a total of three, good shots. She does look completely cute, but I know we could have gotten better.

I need to figure out a way to capture all that cuteness. Any ideas?

3 Thoughts:

Amy said...

NO idea! But unfortunately I know exactly how you feel! My personal favorite is the forced smile that is so not a smile!

tharker said...

Why is it that getting a decent picture of our kids is so hard?

I have been trying to capture more candid moments, but of course that would require me dragging my camera everywhere with me, and we know that doesn't work so well. So, we're back to the forced smiles, and crying when mom says, "just one more!"

Kris said...

I've had a few of those experiences at those photo places. I hate it when my kids don't cooperate. Oh, and I have plenty of moments when I grab the camera, and the moment is gone. It does get frustrating.